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Spodoptera litura feeding on Arabidopsis thaliana

More than a million herbivorous insect species are known that lead to crop loss worldwide. Plants have evolved sophisticated defense mechanism to counteract these insects co-ordinated majorly by jasmonic acid (JA) dependent signaling cascade. The early events in plant perception of insect attack is largely unexplored and involves recognition of HAMPs or DAMPs.  Using generalist chewing insect Spodoptera litura and its host plant species, such as Arabidopsis and tomato, we intend to unravel the mechanism of action of several early signaling genes that assist the plant in rapid response against the insect attack leading to the activation of systemic signaling.

Major Research Interests:

1.Mechanisms underlying plant perception of insect attack

2. Mechanisms involving plant-microbial symbiont recognition

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Dr. Jyothilakshmi Vadassery

About the PI

Dr. Jyothilakshmi Vadassery is a scientist at National Institute of Plant Genome Research, Delhi, India. Her group works on plant-biotic interactions especially early signalling upon insect herbivory, calcium signalling and phytohormone signalling pathways. She received her PhD degree in Plant Molecular Biology at Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany. This was followed by postdoctoral positions at Cornell University and Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany. Her research interests are in calcium signalling upon plant-biotic interactions, plant defence against herbivores, and jasmonate signalling.





Mukesh Kumar Meena’s The Plant Cell paper on CNGC19

Recent publications

1. Jogawat A, Meena MK, Kundu A, Varma M, Vadassery J (2020) Calcium channel CNGC19 mediates basal defense signaling to balance colonization of Piriformospora indica on Arabidopsis roots. Journal of Experimental Botany.

2. Meena MK, Prajapati R, Krishna D, Divakaran K, Pandey Y, Reichelt M, Mathew MK, Boland W, Mithöfer A and Vadassery J (2019) The Ca2+ channel CNGC19 regulates Arabidopsis defense against spodoptera herbivory. Plant Cell, 31: 1539-1562. 





JV as EMBO Global Investigator 2019

Spotlights (NEWS)

  • Jyothilakshmi Vadassery has been selected to join the prestigious European Molecular Biology Organisation’s (EMBO) Global Investigator Network Programme in 2019.
  • Dr Abhimanyu Jogawat just got his SERB-NPDF work published in JXB that shows how plant recognizes and accommodates its useful microbial partners by employing CNGC19 as a critical factor for controlled colonization of the pathogen. https://academic.oup.com/jxb/article/71/9/2752/5709769
  • Dr. D. Balasubramaniam just bagged the prestigious CSIR-Senior scientist pool award under J Vadassery.











Wound-Induced Cytosolic Ca2+ impulse in Arabidopsis leaves







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Our lab studies Plant – Insect interactions and how plant cells respond to insect attack. #Arabidopsis

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